Empower businesses to cater to a wider audience by offering high-quality 0.0% beverages.What We Do

Business Years

We are a fast-growing distributor of 0.0% non-alcoholic wines meeting the demand of the rapidly growing trend towards an alcohol-free lifestyle.


Enhance your menu and impress your customers by offering 0.0% wines sourced from renowned winemaking regions of France, Spain, and Italy.

Satisfied Businesses

Our commitment to meeting the demands of diverse businesses is complemented by our unwavering focus on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

HWC Distribution


Being honest and transparent in all business practices.

HWC Distribution


Collaborating and working together to achieve shared goals.

HWC Distribution


Commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

HWC Distribution

Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering an environment that is open and inclusive to all.

HWC Distribution

Customer Service

Providing excellent service and support to customers.